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The Official Site of a Tabby warrior & other creations - Established in July 2006


Why is this site called Tabber the Red?

In high school, I created a character based on the red tabby cat I had at the time, unoriginally named 'Tabby'. Growing up on fairy tales, Greek myth, Viking myth, and later, world myths, folklore, and Sword/Sorcery movies, such as "Conan the Barbarian","Kull the Conquerer", as well as historical warrior-figures such as Shaka Zulu and Erik the Red, I developed a fantasy world where the nations are peopled by felines and my main character became an orange cat warrior named Tabber.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Tabber the Red is an ongoing short story series. Some stories from this world are published.

For my author profiles, go to my Guild Member Profile as well as my WikiFur entry under Carmen Welsh (NOTE: This bibliography only includes 'furry' up to a certain period. It hasn't been updated)

For a list of COMPLETE PUBLISHED WORKS - and where to purchase/download/view - please go to 'Full Bibliography'.

For CURRENT/PAST ARTWORK & PROJECTS, check out my DeviantART Profile 'CopperSphinx'.


The poem "Only Hound Dogs Up In Harlem" will be out in an upcoming Typewriters Emergencies issue! Will post link when available.

My craft talk essay"Fighting Against the Bloat" is NOW in literary journal The Tishman Review in the April issue! [You can order the issue on Amazon.com (Kindle or Print)- Details also on The Angry Goblin Blog]

I'm one of several female creators mentioned on Dogpatch Press, an online news organization for the latest in the Anthropomorphic/Furry community and fandom! Click here to read the article "March is Furry Women's Month" by Shining River

My comic strip "Geek Muses: Writer's Block & Inspiration" is in The Tishman Review 3.3 literary journal! Purchase the issue on Amazon.com!

Short story, "Sleeping with Wolves" is out in literary journal Typewriter Emergencies May 2017, based on my working furry historical novel! You can read it on Weasel Press through Issuu, the app and site to read digitized magazines - https://issuu.com/weaselpatterson/docs/typewriter_emergencies_may

My short story “Night Sounds” is out in literary journal Prick of the Spindle! Why is this important? The story is from my working furry historical novel!

Prick of the Spindle AVAILABLE at Amazon.com (Kindle or Print)

You may also purchase Volume #9 directly from Prick of the Spindle's official website - http://prickofthespindle.org/product/print-edition-issue-9/

Enjoy your stay!


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