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A list of published stories, artwork,

& where to link, buy and/or download them


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Art copyright by Frank LeRenard(c) Badge copyright by Sean "Duroc" Silva(c) 


NOTE TO VISITORS: Listed below is a scaled outline of what has been published. I now have an extension of this Page on "The Angry Goblin"!

MOST RECENT AT TOP and still viewable online. Some older hardcopies are out of print.

More recent anthologies may STILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE ONLINE @ THE FOLLOWING STORES: Second-ed & Lulu.

'Second Ed' is a Florida-based online company that specializes in Anthropomorphic media, Anime, and much more!


Free coloring sheet downloads *LIVE*

ShadoWalker Tabber Clouds-on-land Warpaint

Free web banners *LIVE*

Free web banner downloads (In Pretty Print blog)

Free web banner downloads (The Angry Goblin blog)


April 2013, my essay "Where did childhood and Childcraft go?" appeared in American Athenaeum's Front Porch issue!

Anthropomorphic Dreams Publishing Podcasts

MEDIA JUNK FOOD ARTICLES "Goblinrant" Author Archives

[Miami Dade College's online magazine] Reflections Online Magazine

"Golden Wings" (Short short story)

"Books As Keystones" (Essay)

View My Paper art


Anthrozine Webzine- Anthrozine Anthrozine banner

ANTHROlogy volume 3 ANTHROlogy volume 2ANTHROlogy Volume 3: AVAILABLE for purchase @ Lulu.com Store

ANTHROlogy Volume 2: AVAILABLE for purchase @ Lulu.com Store


*For e-Reader/Kindle/Nook, you can download the anthology!ANTHROzine bannerAnthrozine badge (tm)

FauxPaw Publications/ Fur Visions Magazines - Some volumes may be OUT OF PRINT

Though this publication is out of print, you can still purchase it direct @ Second-ed Store

Purchase direct @ Second-ed Store **FOR MATURE READERS8*

Purchase direct @ Second-ed Store & @ Rabbitvalley Store **FOR MATURE READERS**

Fur Visions Issue 33Fur Visions Issue 32Fur Visions Issue 31Fur Visions Issue 28

PawPrints Fanzine - out of print

PawPrints 12 coverPawPrints 11 cover

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